Half-duplex VT420?

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Tue Oct 9 17:36:08 2001

cmurillo skrev:

>Iggy wrote:
>>Carlos Murillo skrev:
>>>No, it shouldn't be that hot. Check the fans
>>>look for dustbunnies clogging the circulation.
>>No, I haven't got any expansion box. It's all crammed into a 30?30?12 cm
>>box. An extra ethernet card is fit in the top slot.

>Nice! I wish I had a couple extra e-net cards; then I'd
>make my hp380 my firewall.

That's what I intend to do with it. It's so silent, after all.
BTW, this M$ Nimda thing or whatever it is is really running rampart. I'm just
surprised that my 1994 vintage port of NCSA httpd seems more inpermeable than
that server software for which all those queer requests are intended.

Are they that difficult to get hold of, though? There seems to always be some
9000/300 series stuff on eBay. This particular card seems older than the
"motherboard"; I suppose this case has been upgraded from an earlier 300
series without built-in ethernet. In any case, the card is of the type with a
card-edge connector. It plugs into a board with two such connectors, which in
turn connects into the bus with a DIN connector.
If one is creative with a hacksaw, it should be possible to fit two ethernet
cards into that adapter backplane.

>Uh 0h. There are two fans, one for the power supply, another
>for the card cage and they are essential. They are located in
>the front, where they suck air. Get them fixed before
>powering your machine again. I am amazed that the PS did not
>die after an hour. But then again, we were just saying that
>these machines are built like tanks...

I thought it was supposed to cool itself through creating some kind of airflow
based on different pressures or something. =)

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