Slightly OT: What to do with a DEC 3000/300?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Oct 9 19:54:14 2001

> Anyway, I've heard that 64Meg RAM was awfully tight to run VMS on an Alpha,
> but is it still faster than Tru64 Unix? (The machine was no screamer, but
> it was still faster than my wife... ;-) Or should I just sell it to someone
> willing to give it a good home? (I have too many computers now - and I'm
> trying to purchase a [smaller] house so may be moving soon... I *need* to
> consolidate my collection & am downsizing machines which I will never have
> time to tinker with...)

If the DEC 3000/300 is anything like a DEC 3000/300LX then you should be
able to get some 72-pin true parity SIMMs and upgrade your RAM. If you can
get it up to a minimum of 112MB it should work great. If you can get it up
to 96MB it will work OK. Less than 96MB, and it will work, but will
probably do a fair amount of swaping. OpenVMS V7.2 won't even load if
you've got less than 64MB RAM.

It's definitly a good VMS box, so I say keep it, get some more RAM for it, and
play with VMS on it. I used my DEC 3000/300LX as my OpenVMS server for a
while with a BA350 chassis attached to it for disks.

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