From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Tue Oct 9 21:13:33 2001

ajp166 skrev:

>Simple solution, use a PC for it's best other use {first one is doorstop}
>and load up linux as a NAT box and put that in between cable and VAX.
>Then you can run the vax with static IP. Or better yet use a
>and run netbsd so you dont have to have a PC in that spot.

I've got the HP 9000/380 for that purpose, but since it turns out that my ISP
is rather generous with its IP allocation, I though I might just as well get a
real InterNet IP address instead of messing around with NAT configuration
files. So in all actuality, it turns out that the 9000 might be useful for
something else, just don't ask me what.
Besides, the IPs here seem static enough, as long as you use DHCP to get one.
So it's just a matter of a one-time boot of NetBSD/vax and running dhclient,
or perhaps just faking the VAX's hardware address on some other box (I'm
certain there is an environment variable for that somewhere here...). There
are a lot of possibilities, but doing it the VMS way would have been
preferable, of course.

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