New toy, some questions..

From: Jim Tuck <>
Date: Tue Oct 9 22:07:30 2001

For a birthday present, my girlfriend tracked down and bought me a Radio Shack
PC-1 with cassette adapter (Both in orig boxes!). It compliments nicely the
and plotter I already have. After addition of four 1.35V zinc-air hearing aid
it's humming along on my desk counting up by eights..

Does anyone still have software for this beastie?

My other Q is converter programs. wav2bin (Sharp calc converter) supports it
(its just a rebadged PC-1211) but the companion program bin2wav does not. Do
other conversion programs exist? Are there any that run under *nixen? Any with
source? I have tried contacting the fine folks at, as they
seem to be the author of the software mentioned already, to no avail (broken

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