Slightly OT: What to do with a DEC 3000/300?

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Date: Wed Oct 10 02:57:51 2001

On 10 Oct, Iggy Drougge wrote:

>>This machine will not (easily) run anything but Tru64 Unix or
>>OpenVMS/Alpha... primarily due to it's TurboChannel architecture.
> NetBSD has got TC and 3000/300 support.
Yes. Even X11 on the PMAGB-B aka HX aka SFB framebuffer is supported. I
will get a 3000/600 today. It will be used as NAT router / firewall. (I
have an extra TC Ethernet card :-) ) So ask me in a vew days how it
works. ;-)
And you can run Netcrap - ahhh - Netscape for Tru64 on it. Somwhere on / is a "Tru64 Netscape for Linux" that
comes with the needed shard libs to run.
But get more RAM. At least 96MB or better 128MB. I have a Alphastation
200 (166MHz 21064) with 128MB runing NetBSD 1.5. I use it for Netscaping
and I LaTeXed a big part of my diploma thesis on hat machine.
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