IDing WYSE terminal

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Oct 10 13:36:37 2001

Is there a way to tell what type of WYSE terminal one is? I have a broken
terminal that I need to figure out what kind it is, so I can connect a PC
running emulation (or another terminal) to the system.

The terminal itself carries only the name of my phone system (it is the
operators terminal for it), but opening it shows a main board marked
WYSE. But I can't find anything that says what KIND of wyse. Is there
someplace is should be marked? It is possible to tell based on some of
the chips?

I also see some kind of a daughter card attached to the main board. Are
these terminals custom programmable? Is it possible the phone system uses
a stock terminal with some kind of custom additions (I sure hope not, but
I have that fear, as the keyboard has some phone specific keys like Voice
Mail on it... but I was really really hoping they were just regular keys
and the system knows that things like "end" really mean enter the Voice
Mail system).

Anyone have any pointers for me about how to figure out what terminal
type this is.

Thanks (oh, and it should fit as on topic, since the only date I can find
on the unit is a refurb'd sticker marked 1991, so it just had its 10 year
B-day... at least since being refurbished, that and the phone system it
belongs to was discontinued about 15 years ago)


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