2.88 MB floppy drive, scsi?

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblakeman_at_kih.net>
Date: Wed Oct 10 14:53:50 2001

the 2940 line, especially the U and UW adapters, are very pricey but well
worth it. I just bought a 2940UW in a buy-it-now for $40 since the regular
bid items go for $60 and over and surplusers usually start at $50 or more.
Of course for a 486 or slower Pentium with PCI that is overkill. I put a
2940U and 2940UW in my Server320 w/dual Pentium 200's as it can deal with
the throughput unlike my old microchannel 9595-OPT.

I prefer the 27xx line for older EISA machines - cheap enough but also fast.

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-> >What's the fuss about adding SCSI . . . In my world I consider that a
-> >necessity
-> I get dozens of cheap old PCs, mostly that I scrap, but I few that I like
-> to play with. They are often quite functional in original configuration,
-> and my investment in them is maybe $5. OTOH an Adaptec 2940 card is worth
-> $35, and so far, since my bid of $13.29 didn't win, that makes the total
-> cost of putting a 2.88 drive in an old PC kind of dumb.
-> Oddly enough all the PS/2 I have include excellent SCSI
-> controllers of all
-> types, and use the 2.88 floppies I can get at no cost at all (brand new
-> ones on ebay are $8).
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