IDing WYSE terminal

From: Owen Robertson <>
Date: Thu Oct 11 00:51:35 2001

If you need a Wyse 60 emulator, I have one sitting in front of me right now.
I bought it about a week ago, I think the thrift shop has another copy. If
so, I can get it for you. If not I can probably let you have this one.

on 10/11/01 12:14 AM, Chris at wrote:

>> There is WYSE emulation
>> software available, but at a cost.
> Do you know a product name? where can I get info? I can find a free wyse
> 50 emulator (well, sort of, there is one in an old version of ProComm+
> that I have), but it doesn't seem to work with the system.
> Otherwise, is there someplace I can look up the spec for the protocol it
> uses... maybe write my own emulator. Is this public info, or would I have
> to buy the rights from Wyse?
> -chris
> <>
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