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Date: Thu Oct 11 03:30:08 2001


The machine powers up okay.....but the keyboard repeats (a bit like local
echo). If I press a key, I get two of the same character on the screen. One
appears when the key is pressed, and the other when it is released.

Any ideas ?


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> Hi,
> I am looking for any information or resources relating to the UK based
> Research Machines 380Z and 480Z products. These were Z80 based micros,
> mainly used in UK schools during the mid-eighties.

I have both machines, and documentation on them. Including schematics for
the 380Z (CPU, memory, text video, hi-res video, floppy controller) and
the 480Z (machine only, but including the option board).

> I have a 480Z in my collection, but it isn't 100% operational and I really
> need service information to enable me to track the faulty

I don't have the service manual, but I do have the hardware manual. It
includes schematics. Alas my manual was mis-assembled by RML, so some
pages are missing and others repeated, but the scheamtics _are_ all there
and readable.

What is the fault?


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