IDing WYSE terminal

From: Chris <>
Date: Thu Oct 11 09:41:15 2001

>The Wyse does indeed look like a 60, but I think the 55 and 35
>look similar. Had it been a 50 or a 100, it would have been a
>more obvious identification.

I have a wyse 50 (I know it is, cause the case says so). I have tried it
in place of this dead one, and it didn't work. I don't know how different
each model is from one another, but maybe since the 50 didn't work, I can
rule out a 55?

>Can you get it into Setup mode? There may be a clue there...
>it's something like Function-Setup, at least, it is on the 50...

The unit powers up and beeps like it should, but the screen doesn't
charge, so I can't see anything in the setup.


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