2.88 MB floppy drive, scsi?

From: Jan Koller <vze2mnvr_at_verizon.net>
Date: Thu Oct 11 13:38:28 2001


  If you're not going to use them, or they have more than you'll
be using, I could use at least a couple ( if they're 1" form factor
and 50 pin SCSI connector ). What's the contact info to where
these are located? What did they want for them? And were you
saying they came with controller cards?

Mike Ford wrote:

> I've been looking for some 2.88 non-IBM PS/2 floppy drives, and I found
> some, but the guy says they are SCSI. Is that nuts or what?
> TEAC FD-235 J 5670-U W/SCSI Card
> TEAC FD-235 J 5670-U W/SCSI Card
> TEAC FD-235 J 610 W/SCSI Card
> Some of the HP/Apollo 725/50 computers I found recently had SCSI floppies,
> but it looked like the SCSI part might be detachable. I wonder if I should
> bother getting the above drives to work in a PC, which I would have to fuss
> around adding SCSI to?
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