Sigma Designs OneReel Tape

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Oct 11 14:06:13 2001

>Marvin Johnston skrev:
>>Anyone know what this Sigma Designs OneReel Tape might be? I've had this
>>for some time, but have never heard of the company nor seen what it is
>>used in.
>I know the company for their monitors. I've got two Sigma Designs Pageview GS
>portrait greyscale monitors. They're great. They also made on of the most odd
>contraptions ever, a SCSI colour monitor.

The company is still around, with two parts, perhaps no longer connected.
Sigma Designs that makes high end video stuff in Hollywood, and a monitor
support company in Garden Grove, CA. I have a pair of "new" Labview
1600x1200 monitors.
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