Looking for : IBM 5110 Serial IO adapter software

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Thu Oct 11 15:52:44 2001

>Also note that IBM PC used the same model number series.
>The 5110 and 5120 were both portables like the 5100, with added features.
>We researched it before but I forgot what the 5130 is. The 5140 is the
>IBM PC Convertible. And of course the 5150 is the PC, the 5160 is the XT,
>the 5170 is the AT.

Humm... I think I might have a 5150, 5160, and a 5170 around as well
(actually, I KNOW I have a few 5170's left... but only two or three, the
rest were dumpstered, or stripped for parts). I don't think my 5150
works, but it is an original "IBM PC" (I know the matching monochrome
monitor for it is broken, just displays a bright white line down the
middle). I would have to search and see if I have a 5160, or just XT
clones (again, they might have all been dumpstered).

Yup... sitting on the other side of my desk is a 5170, the case is open,
and it is on its side, currently supporting the Wyse 60 terminal I was
questioning (and making the 5170's video card bow pretty bad under the
weight of the terminal). I know, some people might be cringing at my
abuse of it... but the ATs are worthless to me (outside of the fact that
you can stick a pentium baby AT logic board in it, and reuse the case and
power supply... I think that is where most of my 5170's went)


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