[possibly OT]: Citizen 120D+ interface connector and Acorn System questions

From: Phil Schilling <pjschilling_at_gcstech.net>
Date: Thu Oct 11 17:49:33 2001

        I have one shelved here it you want it for parts? Shipping only.


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Subject: [possibly OT]: Citizen 120D+ interface connector and Acorn
System questions

    I've just dug out my old Citizen 120D+ 80-column dot-matrix printer,
reseated the connectors, etc. and I've managed to break a few of the pins
off the interface connector on the printer. I've bodged in a few bits of
wire to get it running, but it's a bit temperamental. Anyone know what sort
of connector Citizen used on this thing? I'm not talking about the
Centronics connector, I'm talking about the one that connects up to the
interface board. It looks like a two-row DIN41612 and has 15 pins per row
(30 total pins). There is some text on it in black ink, but I don't know if
it's relevant. It (the connector) has a 0.1" (2.54mm) pitch both vertically
and horizontally.

Anyone got a service manual for this almost-ten-year-old monster of a
printer? I'd hate to throw it away for the sake of a knackered connector...

BTW, anyone got a schematic for the Acorn Teletext Video card for the Acorn
System-series machines?

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