IDing WYSE terminal

From: Chris <>
Date: Thu Oct 11 18:40:36 2001

>If the daughtercard is indeed an RS422 interface, as someone
>suggested, an ordinary RS232 or RS423 terminal will probably not work.

Thanks to a link I found pointing to a reference page on wyse's web site,
I have found out MUCH more info on this.

Yes, the card is a RS422 card. Wyse even specifies that the ONLY company
that it was made for was Isoetec, and they give the part number on it
(and specify that replacements have to be bought thru isoetec). They do
imply that it can be fitted on a standard wyse 60, but don't come right
out and say that.

> RS232 and 423 are single-ended interfaces, which means that each signal
>consists of one wire plus a common ground connection. RS422 is a
>differential system, where each signal has a positive and negative
>connection. If your system is intended to connect to an RS422 terminal,
>you'd need to do some hardware hacking to make it work.

This suddenly makes all the sense in the world as to why my laptop can't
connect to it. My laptop just has a standard RS232. I will probably have
to try my Mac as it has an RS422 port on it. Otherwise, I am fairly sure
I have a 422 serial card for a PC, I can always lug a whole PC to the
site (it is at a different office, so hands on tests are hard to do... I
make a list of things to try, and do them all in one visit)

>Do you have any
>information on the pinout of the interface?

the Wyse link I came across has some info on it. IF I can track down the
tech manual for the phone system, and IF it is like the manual I have to
my 96 phone system, then it will have lots of tech info on pinouts... but
so far I have been unsuccessful in finding a 66 techmanual :-(


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