Looking for : IBM 5110 Serial IO adapter software`

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Thu Oct 11 18:49:27 2001

>_White_ line? All IBM5151 monitors that I've seen are green-screen (in
>fact that's specified somewhere in the techref). Is this a genuine IBM

You know, it might be a bright green line. I haven't powered it up in
years. The only reason I didn't pitch it is because it IS a genuine IBM
monitor (the 5151), and I didn't want to seperate it from its PC... which
I wanted to keep because it was the first "IBM PC".

>Is the line vertical or horizontal. You imply the former, which is rare
>(most horizontal deflection faults kill the EHT as well, leaving a dark
>screen). If that is the case, there's only about 4 components that can be
>at fault....

I am fairly sure it is vertical. I remember when it started to die, I did
the Mac Plus analog board fix for it (whack it on the side), and that
would bring it back for a bit. Finally it just stopped coming back, and
stayed as a bright line.

Humm... maybe in November I will pull it out and see if I can get it
running. (I have too much work to do this month to get to the fun stuff).


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