Looking for : IBM 5110 Serial IO adapter software`

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Thu Oct 11 21:35:52 2001

>> I am fairly sure it is vertical. I remember when it started to die, I did
>> the Mac Plus analog board fix for it (whack it on the side), and that
>Err, the Mac+ fix I use here involves a TX15 torx driver and a soldering
>iron. My Mac+ has a stable screen :-)...

Yes, yes, that is the correct way to fix it (I have done many myself)...
the "whack it" comment was a tongue in cheek remark, since at one point,
that was actually an apple authorized temporary fix (until you got tired
of it enough to bring it into a service shop and have the joint
resoldered... since back in that day, you were supposed to open your own
mac... although I ignored that starting with my 128k). At one point, I
even found a tech note about doing it, although, they refered to it as
"tapping forcefully".


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