From: Feldman, Robert <>
Date: Fri Oct 12 08:25:24 2001

"In 1937-1938 George A. Philbrick developed what he called an "Automatic
Control Analyzer." The analyzer was an electronic analog computer..."

"Model K2-W computing opamp
George A. Philbrick Researches
This is a general purpose computing opamp. First introduced in 1952. "

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Subject: Philbrick?

While cleaning up some garage space (yes, so a Car could
go in there) I came across a cache of some things I knew I
had and one thing I forgot.
A 2 tube module.from George A. Philbrick Researches Inc.
It's a GAP/R K2-W with "computor" tubes in it.
Before anybody vomits (as regards computor) could
somebody remind me who Philbrick was?
The name seems familliar. TIA

John A.
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