Free unknown keyboard

From: Chris <>
Date: Fri Oct 12 13:51:28 2001

Since I know people on this group like odd computer parts, I figured I
would offer these here:

I have 4 unknown keyboards available. They are tan and look like they
might have come from some terminal system. They have a DB9 (DE9, ahh...
D9) Male connector on it, and carry a part number 6246-A. No mention of
who makes it, or what system they came from.

I don't know if they work, I don't know anything about them at all. All 4
are rather dirty, and one of them is missing the key cap for what looks
like two tildes and a backwards comma key. I recieved them as part of a
ship test. (I work for a market research company, and one of the major
shippers was doing a test with us, to see how the package made it thru
shipping... so we recieved two shipments of 2 keyboards each... the
shipper doesn't want them back)

You can see a picture of one at <>. I
will hang onto them until monday, but after that, they are being

If anyone wants them, they are up for grabs, they would be mailed out of
07450. A single keyboard weighs 6 lbs, figure add another pound for the
box and bubble wrap to be safe.

I can take PayPal to cover shipping costs, or they can be picked up in
Ridgewood, NJ.


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