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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Fri Oct 12 14:59:38 2001

>Those were common back then. Just about every Mac network business had its own
>SCSI ethernet adapters.
>It's a shame that there are no programming docs for those, since they would be
>quite useful for connecting old Ataris and Amigas, amongst others, to

        On a fast Amiga, it'd be interesting to see how such an
adapter worked up Shapeshifter to hook up to an Appletalk network. I
used to keep an Emplant Deluxe installed just for that purpose since
it had two localtalk ports on it. I haven't bothered getting
Shapeshifter working again on my new A3000. Maybe once I do I'll
find one of those adapters and test it out.

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