ArcNet and the Pursuit of Multiple Topologies

From: Eric J. Korpela <>
Date: Fri Oct 12 15:46:19 2001

> On the Ethernet side, I'd not worry about specific 10bT and ThickNet
> segments. Instead, I'd run a single 10b2 (ThinNet) segment and get a 10bT
> hub with a BNC uplink. This also had the advantage of saving you a slot in
> the box. Don't worry about ThickNet, just pick up a couple of spare 10bT or
> 10b2 tranceivers for the odd box with an AUI port.

That's definitely the way to go.

Just wired the house with Cat-5 this week. 10bT has the advantage that it's
also 100bT with a change of equipment. (ISTR that you can use the
unused pair in the cable for LocalTalk, but I haven't yet tried it). One
of the ports off the switch goes to 10 Mbps equipment via a hub with a BNC
uplink, the other three ports go to 100 Mbps segments.

> Since you've got LocalTalk running to the box, then I'd also run MacGate
> which would let you run MacIP (IP over LocalTalk).

For those in the bay area with an Mac IIlc or a Nubus Mac II, last time I
checked, Mike Quinn Electronics had a pile of ethernet cards for them. For
those with older Macs, I saw two SCSI/ethernet boxes at WeirdStuff, didn't
check the price, though.

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