SCSI pros & cons

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Oct 12 16:26:31 2001

Tony Duell skrev:

>> Who cares what the cause is? The point is that it won't work.

>This comment worries me a lot (mind you, it's typical of the mentality of
>PC-goons, but I thought this list was mostly hackers)...

>Whenever something doesn't work, my first reaction is to fix it. And the
>first stage in fixing a problem is to identify what that problem is (at
>whatever level of detail is necessary to be able to decide on the right

I have limited patience with some kind of hardware. Mending PCs is not a hobby
of mine, and if it is the most common platform at the moment, I'll just assume
that that's because it's such a nice and easy to use platform. There is so
much to blame everything on in the PC world, but that's not my problem. It
should at least work as fluently as any other platform.

In short, I don't think some systems are deserving of my undivided attention.
I'll rather go soldering on my Atari ethernet adapter or my C64 AV cable than
fool around with so-called modern hardware which misbehaves.

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