RS6000 7012-320H

From: Carlos Murillo <>
Date: Fri Oct 12 23:06:21 2001

Today I finally had time to play with the Powerserver 320H
that I found a few days ago. I disassembled the thing and
circumvented the keylock switch issue (I was able to pull the
keylock pistons away without destroying anything) and plugged
a terminal to it in serial port #1.

1) It boots. The numeric diagnostic LEDs on front go through
  lots of messages, the HD spins up and does quite some work,
  I assume it checks the filesystems and so on. Finally,
  some initialization messages appear on the terminal;
  they seem to report on the very last stage of the
  rc script sequence (like bringing up tcp/ip and the like).
  I think that the serial console is recognized only after
  it switches to some multi-user run level.

2) It runs AIX version 3.

3) The SIMMs that I had talked about worked in this machine, so
   now it has 32MB instead of the original 16MB.

4) the login msg reads something like
   IBM AIX version 3 RS6000 (C) 1989, 1990
   Console Login:

How do I get inside?


At 11:23 PM 9/28/01 -0400,I wrote:
>Today I came by an RS6000 7012-320H (Powerserver 320).
>On topic, since it was introduced in '91.
>It seems to have 16MB RAM, a SCSI card, an 800MB HD,
>25MHZ cpu and a 8-port serial card. No framebuffer.
>There was an 8mm tape unit that came with it. Oh, and,
>from what I can gather from the IBM web site, it is
>missing some sort of "ethernet riser card" which seems
>to provide the means to drive enet starting from a
>network header on the mainboard. I should be getting
>some of the terminals that were hooked to this
>beast. However, I have neither keys nor AIX install
>media. So I have several questions:
>1) Which OS' (besides some old version of AIX) run on this
> box? Or, if I am stuck with AIX, in addition to
> praying that the HD is still alive, how could I
> break in and change the root password?
>2) What exactly is this "ethernet riser card"? Do I have
> a network-less system?
>3) Late last year, I posted a message to this list about
> some SIMMs that I grabbed off an AS400 system; they
> look like 72pin SIMMs but have a slightly different
> form factor and won't fit in a standard 72 pin socket.
> The thing is, they seem to fit the sockets in this
> system. And, that AS400 was equipped with exactly the
> same model of HD that this RS6000 has. So I am
> wondering if those 4MB SIMMS will fit this system,
> which is filled with 2MB SIMMS...
>Carlos E. Murillo-Sanchez

Carlos E. Murillo-Sanchez
Received on Fri Oct 12 2001 - 23:06:21 BST

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