Looking for : IBM 5110 Serial IO adapter software

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Sat Oct 13 16:54:07 2001

>>>Are the 5110's of any collector value (not that I would ever part with
>>>mine, but I am curious if it is just me that wants to keep it, or if it
>> The ones with APL seem to be harder to find than the ones with
>> BASIC :(
>> (I'm looking for a working APL model of 5100, 5110, or 5120 ...
>> can trade BASIC model of 5110 or 5120)
>Ours is an APL model - sorry not available.
>Surely the dual APL/Basic are even rarer?

Know what... mine might be a dual! I remember using Basic on it, and
there is a front switch to go between basic and something else. I would
have said mine was basic only, but just friday, while cleaning out some
old stuff, I came across the APL manuals for the 5110... so that would
sure tell me mine is a dual (I only have the one, so the APL stuff didn't
go it a different machine).

And nope, mine isn't available either.... except maybe in trade for a new
pickup truck... I am in desperate need for one of those.


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