RetroX computer shop in London...

From: charles hobbs <>
Date: Sat Oct 13 19:29:35 2001

Tony Duell wrote:

> >
> >
> > Anyone ever go there? I did last week, on a visit...lots of real old
> > 8-bit software (Atari, Commodore, Dragon, etc) and some hardware,
> Assuming this is London, England, can you give a more specific address,

90 Shepherds Bush Road (an easy walk or short bus ride from the Shepherds
tube stations...)

> or a landmark that it's near, or...
> I live in London, and have never come across this place.....

I was looking for a particular piece of software, and did a Google search on
name of the software. This place came up in the search....

> It sounds as
> though I should investigate it...

It's mostly lower end 8-bit software, but it might be worth a peek...they're
(nominally) open Tues-Sun during regular business hours, but don't be
too suprised if you knock on the door and no-one is there for an hour or
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