ArcNet and the Pursuit of Multiple Topologies

From: Jan Koller <>
Date: Sat Oct 13 23:34:35 2001

(b) I'd have to buy it (which is against my religion)

  Shame on you, that almost sounds communist.

Pete Turnbull wrote:
> On Oct 9, 12:50, Tarsi wrote:
> > I've decided that one of my goals is to run every networking topology
> > possible in my house, regardless if I actually NEED to run them or not.
> :)
> > 4) Any other interesting topologies I should try? I have plans to do:
> > Arcnet, FDDI, Token ring, Localtalk, 10b2, 10b5, 10bT, 10bTX, 10bFiber,
> and
> > (eventually) 802.11b wireless.
> ATM would be good, and although there's a lot of it around, you should be
> able to pick up a couple of routers fairly cheaply.
> Acorn Econet? There's Linux support for that too.
> How about the original DIX Ethernet? Try a web search for Aloha.
> Sinclair (Timex) machines like the Spectrum and QL used a proprietary
> network, but I think the only other company to ever use it was ICL.
> Do you count ADSL, ISDN, X.21, or just LAN stuff?
> 10base2, 10base5, 10baseF (and FOIRL), 10baseT, 100baseTX, 100baseT4,
> 100baseFX, 1000baseTX, 1000baseSX, 100baseLX and 1000baseCX are all closely
> related and you will find some excellent references at
> 10base2 and 10base5 are bus topologies using 50-ohm coax; 10baseF (and its
> predecessor FOIRL), 100baseFX, and 1000baseSX/LX are fibre technologies
> often used as point-to-point but can be used in star networks too; 10baseT,
> 100baseTX, and 100baseT4 use UTP and are normally used in star topologies.
> Before you get too carried away, you might want to think about the
> permutations of protocols, technologies, and topologies or you'll need a
> much larger house :-) The same fibre that carries FOIRL can (if it's the
> right size, 50/125) carry 10baseF, 100baseFX, 1000baseSX, ATM, FDDI, ...
> I have a thin Ethernet (10base2) segment, a thick Ethernet (10base5)
> segment, a lot of Cat5e carrying 10baseT and some 100baseTX, a chunk of
> FDDI, some FOIRL, 10baseF, and potentially 100baseFX, at home; and there's
> lots of redundant ATM kit at work but (a) I have no room, and (b) I'd have
> to buy it (which is against my religion). I also have some Econet, ISDN,
> UUCP serial links, etc.
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> Pete Peter Turnbull
> Network Manager
> University of York
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