SCSI Info requested by David Woyciesjes

From: Info from LSI <>
Date: Sun Oct 14 23:56:29 2001

Hello David,

  I finally got at that info you requested. It turned out
that there was some other related info that I thought you
might like also. Probably more than you've ever wanted to
know about SCSI, up to SCSI-3 info? Of course it was being
stored on a SCSI drive that, at the time, wasn't hooked to
this system, which is why I asked for your patience. Anyone
who is interested must DL and save it within the next couple
of days, as I have very limited web space and can't leave it
there long. This is the only time I can post it. So, perhaps
someone else with more space can host it for a longer period
of time.


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