CompuPro and 86-DOS

From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Mon Oct 15 03:47:28 2001

 This last weekend I pulled my old rack mount
CompuPro system out of storage and cleaned it
up. The last time I used this system was about
15 years ago and I only used it to edit my resume
in Wordstar.
 The system consists of:
  a "CPU 8085/88"
  a "DISK 1" controller
  a "SYSTEM SUPPORT 1" for the console
  two "RAM 16" boards for a total of 128K
  and two Qume 842 8" floppy drives

 After one small capacitor fire I had the system
up and running. I went through all of the 8"
diskettes I could find to determine what would boot.
So far, I have bootable disks for CP/M 2.2,
CP/M 86, and CP/M 8-16.
 But the disks that I really want to read are in
86-DOS format according to the label. I have
disks that claim to be 86-DOS boot disks but
they wouldn't boot. Some of these disks I'm having
problems with appear to be SSSD 26 sectors/
128 bytes if that helps.

 Can anyone point me in the direction I need
to go in order to be able to boot 86-DOS?

Doug Coward
_at_ home in Poulsbo, WA

Analog Computer Online Museum and History Center
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