OT: Dark Tower

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Oct 15 13:42:11 2001

--- Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com> wrote:
> > What exactly IS Dark Tower?
> Well, if the original poster was refering to what I had, then Dark Tower
> is a board game (circa late 70's early 80's). The board was this roundish
> board that you moved all over, and there was a dark brown plastic castle
> thing that sat in the middle.

Right. The focus of the game was this 15cm-long castle tower that
you turned on its base so that only you could see the longish window
on one side as you pressed buttons telling the microprocessor inside
what you were doing for your move. As you did various things (while
moving your plastic token around the board), there was a cylinder inside
the tower that spun with three tiers of icons that lit up, one at a time,
depending on what the output state was. Other players could get an
idea of what you were up to by the bleeps and chirps, but not see
the actual lit-up icon that told you how your turn was progressing.

> The object was, you were an adventurer, and you had to move about getting

> things (treasures?) from each land

Keys, actually, one key from each territory that was _not_ the one you
started in (your "own" country). With all three keys, you could assult
the tower and try the keys in different orders until you got the right
sequence (silver-gold-bronze, vs bronze-silver-gold, etc.). If you
beat the brigands and punched in the right combination of keys first,
you won.

> (4 lands, 4 players IIRC).

2-4 players, always 4 lands ('cause you need three keys).

> (and was out when D&D was in its hayday, something else I am afraid to
> admit I was in to.).

I think a large percentage of the list members who are between 25 and 50
were probably into D&D at one point (including me, starting at age 13).
> Of course, maybe the original poster was refering to some other Dark
> Tower game, and I now look like a total ass (but the one I know of was
> really cool, so even if I just get to tell others about it, it was worth
> the typing).

You do not, in fact, look like a total ass. If anyone is the total ass,
it's me for not providing enough info in my original request. I fell into
the trap that "of course _everybody_ knows what I'm talking about because
it's so obvious."

I'd love to see pictures of the innards. There are sites with pictures
of the game all set up for shots of the outside (and the board and
the tokens, etc.) The best one is at...




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