Dark Tower - any internals info out there?

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Mon Oct 15 14:55:04 2001

>> I think I still have mine, and in working condition. Although I would not
>> be willing to part with it (thus why I think I still have it), I CAN open
>> it and send some digital pics of the chips. Maybe even draw out some
>> schematics.
>That would be helpful.

Ok, I will stop by my parents house tonight and pick mine up. Then
tomorrow when I am supposed to be working (who wants to work when you can
goof off), I will take it apart and take some pics. I will do what I can
for schematics (I'm not an EE, just a hobbiest, so they might not be
pretty, but I will try to make them correct).

Although I am sure they will laugh hysterically, have you thought of
contacting the game manufacturer? (Don't recall who it was, but I will
know tonight when I pick mine up)


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