IIgs using hard disk 20

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Mon Oct 15 15:39:02 2001

Does anyone know if an Apple IIgs can use an old Macintosh Hard Disk 20.
The Mac HD is NOT scsi, but rather uses the disk drive port on a Mac. It
was designed to work with older non scsi macs (128k 512k), and could be
daisy chained thru the disk drive ports (at one point, I think I had 3 HD
20s and a 400k drive connected to my 128k Mac).

The IIgs has a disk drive port, and visually, the 3.5" drive I have for
it looks just like the 3.5" drive I have off an old Mac Classic (I have
to go off visual, as the one from the Classic has no labels or other
markers beyond the apple logo... don't know why, that is the way it was
when it was given to me).

I was hoping maybe they used the same ports, and I might be able to use
the HD 20 with my IIgs so I can add a hard drive to it.

Anyone info would be great.


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