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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Oct 15 16:51:02 2001

 As a Canadian, I can only second that and offer my sympathy. The majority
of U.S. citizens seem woefully ignorant of the affects around the world of
U.S corporate and foreign policy. And no, I'm not anti the US people. My
wife of many years was an US-American, as well as both my parents. I also
lived in the US several years and have many old friends and relatives there.
 I've found them a warm and open people.
 Since I have a claim to dual-citizenship I could have lived there had I wished.
I prefer my country and it's social policies, like you, I'm sure. I don't envy the
US in the least. I just want to keep the things I love about Canada and not
have it become even more a subsiduary of the US.
 N.Z. is more fortunate in that it isn't right next door to the beast and you
don't have a "free" trade agreement. A measure of US regard is that most in
the US don't consider the many peoples and countries in the Americas as
 Sorry for the OT and I don't wish to offend my neighbors, but the US
bafflement at foreign resentment gets to me at times.
 Now back to 'puters.


> > > A citizen of NewZealandCorp, a wholly-owned subsidiary of USA Inc.
> >
> > I hope you don't mind my asking, but is the US in disfavor with
> > the citizens of New Zealand?
> Not really. That comment isn't directed at the US, but at the
> last few NZ governments, who seem to have been bent on privatising
> all our public assets and selling them to big US companies. If
> it goes on like that, you're going to own the whole country!
> Greg Ewing, Computer Science Dept, +--------------------------------------+
> University of Canterbury, | A citizen of NewZealandCorp, a | Christchurch,
> New Zealand | wholly-owned subsidiary of USA Inc. |
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