Data storage and transmission (was Re: ArcNet)

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Mon Oct 15 17:26:16 2001

Dave McGuire skrev:

>On October 15, Jan Koller wrote:
>> > > How about MicroWave transmission ?
>> > > Or data encoded onto laser beams?
>> > > Or satellite bounced?
>> Actually these three are probably something Dave McGuire
>> could actually do. While the rest of us have watches and
>> clocks, I heard through the grapevine he has his own fully
>> functional Atomic Clock.

> Uhh, yeah, I've done all three, but only the first two by myself. ;)

In an old Computer Club programme on German TV from the 80s, they actually
built a laser. I think an Apple II was involved in the process as well.
I wish they'd run more reruns of that programme.

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