ArcNet and the Pursuit of Multiple Topologies

From: Ian Koller <>
Date: Mon Oct 15 17:29:23 2001

Hello Greg,

  We, the people of the US, are at the mercy of these same
companies. And they are not all US companies. There are
some that are European and Japanese based? I might be wrong,
because I'm not going to look it up at this time, but Phillips,
Gillette, Shell, Daimler Benz, etc? I submit that these
companies are not even the companies of one single nation
anymore, but multi-nationals that owe their allegiance not
to one nation, but primarily to themselves, whose power and
influence extends globally. Have you any idea how much of
Waikiki property is owned by the Japanese?

Greg Ewing wrote:
> Jan Koller <>:
> > Ahhhh, What are Chinese whispers?
> It's a game where you set up a chain of people, and
> whisper some message in the ear of the first one, who
> whispers it to the next one, etc. When it gets to the
> far end you compare it with the original message,
> usually with amusing results due to accumulation of
> errors along the way.
> > > A citizen of NewZealandCorp, a wholly-owned subsidiary of USA Inc.
> >
> > I hope you don't mind my asking, but is the US in disfavor with
> > the citizens of New Zealand?
> Not really. That comment isn't directed at the US, but at the
> last few NZ governments, who seem to have been bent on privatising
> all our public assets and selling them to big US companies. If
> it goes on like that, you're going to own the whole country!
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