Cromemco Pick-up on 10-13-01

From: M H Stein <>
Date: Mon Oct 15 17:39:38 2001


Gee, just dumpstered 3 System 3's and 2 CS100's; since we're now shipping all our Toronto garbage to Michigan, ya coulda stopped at the dump on your way back & picked them up as well :-)

However, although the rest of the chassis (2xCS420, 2xCS300, 1xCS2H, 3xCS1H, 1xSystem3, 1xZ2, BRZII, C5 etc., and nice and clean at that), will probably have to go as well 'cause nobody wants to come up here to the frozen north, the cards, manuals & software may be around a little longer, so let me know if ya need anything.



Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 18:54:05 -0500
From: "John R. Keys Jr." <>
Subject: Cromemco Pick-up on 10-13-01

This pass Saturday was a long drive MN to IL (12 hours total drive time)
to pick up 2- Cromemco System Three's, a Systemv CS-300, one new in the
box KB for these systems, lots of manuals and software for them, a
Cipher 1600BPI tape unit, a model BRZ-III fan for the units, and some
parts. All will have to be cleaned up as they are pretty dirty and need
some loving care. The guy had over 1600sq feet of computer stuff he is
selling most on eBay.:-( At a local thrift I got some Sega master
stuff, like the 3D glasses that have been selling on eBay for $50, I got
mine for a couple dollars. Got a Virtual Boy system for $11.99. Got
some Atari 2600 stuff also they were selling cartridges for 80 cents and
they had two big boxes full. Now I will start the clean-up and entering
all the info into the database (my paper notebooks). Keep computing John
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