IIgs using hard disk 20

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Mon Oct 15 18:23:01 2001

>Are you SURE? I have an HD20 which works just fine on a Plus, but which I
>have NEVER been able to make work on a 128k. My 512k has video problems
>and I haven't had a chance to sort those out so I can test the HD20 on it.

Not to double reply... but now I am going to start beating my head into a

Apple's technote article # 8169 (in the archives section), claims that
the only way to add a hard drive to the 128 and 512 is by using the HD20
non-scsi drive (the one in question here). This seems to contridict a
previous technote that lists the first supporting mac as the 512ke.

So now I am REALLY going to have to pull out my 128 and see what
happens... it seems Apple doesn't even know which way it goes.


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