Need info/manuals/software - Microtest 14 CD Dicport Tower

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Oct 15 18:23:54 2001

> Anyone have one of these in use and could possibly be a source for a
>copy of the manual, disks, etc? Just bought one on auction but of course
>no docs or software and this is NOT SCSI to the server, it works on the
>LAN and has SCSI drives in it. Even if someone can send me the manual so
>I can scan or copy it and send it back that would be great too and maybe
>I might have something excess here (besdies actual cash to pay the
>shipping and materials back) to express my thanks. Russ Blakeman
>Clarkson, KY USA

I bought a MicroTest Discport at the last TRW, mine is just the put a CD
ROM on the net box, but when I hunted I thought I found MicroTest was still
around. OTOH I don't seem to have any software, so maybe they don't support
it anymore ? If you find something let me know too.
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