IIgs using hard disk 20

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Mon Oct 15 22:29:42 2001

> >> was designed to work with older non scsi macs (128k 512k), and could be
> >> daisy chained thru the disk drive ports
> >
> >Are you SURE? I have an HD20 which works just fine on a Plus, but which I
> >have NEVER been able to make work on a 128k. My 512k has video problems
> >and I haven't had a chance to sort those out so I can test the HD20 on it.
> I was almost 100% positive that I once had it working on a 128k, but a
> search of apple's TIL shows that the HD20 works with the 512ke, Plus, SE,
> Classic, IIci, and Portable... so I guess I never took it lower than my
> Plus (I never owned either of the 512's). This is going to be a head
> scratcher for me for some time... I distinctly remember hooking it up to
> my 128. (I can picture sitting in front of the table working on it... I
> guess I must have failed in my attempts, but I could have sworn I was
> successful)
> -chris
> <http://www.mythtech.net>
 I have a card in my 512 which increases memory and gives a SCSI port.
It's called a MacSnap by Dove computer, dated 1985. It actually consists of
2 cards. One contains the memory chips aand circuitry and the other has
the SCSI socket and also 2 large chips labelled upper and lower ROMs. I'm
even able to boot off the external HDD.


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