SCSI problems

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Mon Oct 15 22:04:26 2001

If there is an IDE drive it will not boot from SCSI - he has to take out the
IDE and eneable the bios on the Adaptec, also make sure that the drive's ID
is 0 to 6 and that the adaptec card is ID 7 and that termination is set on
the drive if it's the only SCSI device.

I have 9 of the same type (full hieght seagate 5.25" 9gb SCSI 2 with 50 pin
connection) in my old Server 320 and it works fine. Of course I'm using an
Adaptec PCI ultra wide 2940UW and 2940W Wide adapter as well as a 2740 EISA
controller as I have tape and cdrom drives on the server as well. I have my
boot device as ID 0. Adaptec has the docs in PDF on their support site for
all the old adapters.

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-> A friend has a 9 gig Seagate drive and an Adaptec 1542C card and is
-> having a helluva time getting it to work with a late model motherboard.
-> boots okay from an IDE drive, but the aforementioned setup hangs almost
-> every time.
-> Do you know of an incompatibility with the drive and card; i.e. too much
-> drive for the scsi bios to understand???
-> Gary Hildebrand
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