SCSI problems

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Oct 16 08:38:50 2001

> A friend has a 9 gig Seagate drive and an Adaptec 1542C card and is
> having a helluva time getting it to work with a late model
> motherboard.
> boots okay from an IDE drive, but the aforementioned setup
> hangs almost
> every time.
> Do you know of an incompatibility with the drive and card;
> i.e. too much
> drive for the scsi bios to understand???

The card has trouble with high transfer rates. The on-board
BIOS allows you to limit that to 5MB/s; when I slowed it down
to that, it worked fine for me. YMMV (rather, HMMV), etc...

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