IIgs using hard disk 20

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Tue Oct 16 08:42:17 2001

> I have a card in my 512 which increases memory and gives a SCSI port.
> It's called a MacSnap by Dove computer, dated 1985. It actually consists of
> 2 cards. One contains the memory chips aand circuitry and the other has
> the SCSI socket and also 2 large chips labelled upper and lower ROMs. I'm
> even able to boot off the external HDD.

Great product, I used mine with a Cutting Edge 30MB external drive
until the drive's piggyback OMTI SCSI <=> MFM adapter went south.

Anyone know where I can get one of these tiny adapters?

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