SCSI problems

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Oct 16 10:15:51 2001

--- Richard Erlacher <> wrote:
> If it's in a PnP motherboard, it's really important that the interrupt
> assignments don't clash. I don't know about the 'C' verson, but I've got
> several 'B' and 'A' version boards, and a plain 1540. All of them
> require Irq11 and port address 0x330 and DMA5 in order to work from the

The C is a *nice* card - it's incredibly flexible with its own BIOS
setup program that runs if you have one of the dip switches set to
allow it (you can also run it without its own SCSI BIOS if DOS memory
is at a premium). You can run surface scans and even do a low-level
format (very useful for a batch of 4Gb drives I got that were formatted
to 524 bytes/block).

I have been using one since I got it new _at_ $200. Great card. They
should be <$25 now. I see them all the time at the Dayton ComputerFest.

If you need an ISA SCSI controller, I can recommend it. There are two
flavors, though - 1542C and 1542CF - F for Fast. The original rev wasn't
in spec for SCSI-2 Fast. There's an ECO (a wire and a capacitor) and
new ROMs.


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