Almost Free, for pick up only in Michigan MicroPDP11/73

From: Michael L. Drew <>
Date: Tue Oct 16 12:06:34 2001

Chad ,

I am interested and in Ann Arbor...

Not a bad drive at all...


Chad Fernandez wrote:

> Hello All,
> Please respond privately.... this is going to two lists.
> I have a Micro PDP11 that I would like move to a new home. It is an
> 11/73 that uses the CPU board from the 11/83. It is the 18mhz J11 CPU
> with FPU (M8190-AE). It currently has 2megs of ECC memory, although I
> have about 3megs worth of parity that could be swapped in instead.
> Various other boards are included (no scsi boards :-) It is in the
> tower mounted BA23. The case is clean, but has a few flaws....
> scratches and the base is cracked, and one of the little horns? where
> the back cover fits it cracked. Overall the case looks very nice. The
> steel chassis itself could use a vacuum, However.
> I could get into he ROM with a terminal, but never got it to boot from
> the RD54 HD. It complained of a bad controller (m7555). I have spares,
> but never tried them. It could be the drive as this particular PDP11
> has a bad history with drives according to the documentation that came
> with it.
> The main reason I would like to move this on, is because I don't have
> the time to learn about it. I know nothing of the PDP11 OS's. Plus I
> have a Vax that I would like to get working, and lots of other little
> projects.
> In the subject line, I state "almost free". I do have some money in it,
> and would like to recoup at least some of it, so I'd like to get $40 for
> it. That's certainly much lower than what it would fetch on Ebay.
> I live in Battle Creek, MI. It's right off of I94 about 1/2 way in
> between Detroit and Chicago.
> Here is the info on the cpu board from the field guide:
> M8190-AE KDJ11-BF Q/U 11/83-84 CPU J11 CPU 18MHz with 2 boot &
> M8190-AE diagnostic ROMs, FPJ11-AA.
> M8190-AE Refs: EK-KDJ1B-UG, uNOTE N#025, N#030, N#035, N#039
> Thanks,
> Chad Fernandez
> Michigan, USA

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