Dark Tower Pics

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Tue Oct 16 13:14:43 2001

A few pics of the controller to Dark Tower have been posted. You can find
them at <http://www.mythtech.net/darktower>. (Pic #28 is missing, it is
the same as 29, just out of focus).

The board is about 7" x 3" (17.5cm x 7.5cm) There isn't a whole lot on
it. 3 lights down the middle that are socketed, an LED digit display, a
pair of LEDs (IR send and recieve, it is used with the picture disc to
determine what pictures are facing out), there are a handful of
resistors, a few Capacitors, 3 transitors (9112 D 07; 9113 D 05; NP2
3704) a choke coil, 2 diodes, and 3 ICs.

The 3 ICs are all Texas Instuments, photos of them are on the web site (I
made sure you could read the numbers, but they are upside down right now)

The two connector looking things on the very end of the board opposite
the LED digit display... are in fact connectors. The white one tied to
the motor, speaker, and batteries, and the black one tied to the push
button panel for user interaction (the push buttons are a flat 3 x 4
pressure panel connected to the board by a ribbon cable.)

That is about it. I will try to draw up some basic schematics later (I'm
a little busy at work right now, hopefully I will get to it later this
week, or maybe next week).

I don't know if I will be able to do any testing of my unit. When I
opened it I found batteries had been left it in, and leaked. There is
some pretty bad corrosion of the largest IC where the battery acid
dripped on it. I am hoping it will still work when I clean it and put it
all back together, but there is a chance it has been damaged. Also, the
LED digits have suffered some damage (the laminate cover is peeling back
from corrosion)

I will post again when I have the schematics done.


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