SCSI problems

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Tue Oct 16 14:25:06 2001

Not to mention that you can't get a refund, you pay $5 or $6 to get in
whether you buy or not, and you may never see the same vendore ever again.
Most "new" stuff are factory seconds/refurbs and they don't tell you that
the warranty doesn't apply (saw one guy pulling the "refurb" stickers off
boxes at one iI went to in Louisville last year) Not all of the vendors are
crooks but there sure is a high percentage.

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-> We had a Market Pro show here once or twice. They had nothing that I
-> wanted. It was almost all new stuff and the prices were kind of high.
-> The show I go to here in Michigan is called A1 Supercomputer sales, I
-> think. It is a locally run ( I think) chain of shows. They usually
-> have a good mix of new and used. The more used, the better for me :-)
-> Chad Fernandez
-> Michigan, USA
-> Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
-> > Picked up a 1542CF almost two years ago at a MarketPro show for $19.95.
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-> > -dq
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