looking for documentation for 1963 minuteman missile computer

From: Gene Buckle <geneb_at_deltasoft.com>
Date: Tue Oct 16 15:39:32 2001

> >> A capacitor bank? Is this to ensure homogeneity in a
> >> compression w. standard explosives triggering scheme?
> >>
> >Actually, I was thinking the caps would be required to fire the ignitors
> >from a portable power source. However, since I'm not a nuclear weapons
> >designer or an explosives expert, I'm making a guess on function based
> >upon what I've read and seen on shows that documented the original
> >construction of Fat Man. :)
> According to at least one movie I watched the part that is critical are
> some special triacs so that each charge can be detonated within a fairly
> tight time window.
Klystron(?) I might be wrong though. I keep thinking it begins with a
"K". For the gun type, all bets are off - it's a _much_ simpler design.

I wonder what kind of yeild you'd get using a .50 diameter bullet against
a 1.00 diameter target. (inches)

Damn. I'm in the wrong business. :)

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