ArcNet and the Pursuit of Multiple Topologies

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Oct 16 17:07:08 2001

--- Pete Turnbull <> wrote:
> I'd be wary of running Localtalk over a cable carying a phone or Ethernet
> signal. Again, it might work, but it will probably generate interference
> which might be hard to track down -- I write from experience[1].

When I installed PhoneNet stuff into my mother's all-Mac shop, it
specifically uses the yellow-black pair of standard (US) phone
wiring and the documentation explicitly shows it as such. They
even had a sort-of passive hub for your wiring closet to collate
all the black-yellow pairs for a larger (floor-sized as opposed to
room-sized) network. We had six Macs and one LaserWriter on the same
floor of a smallish retail establishment, so it wasn't a problem.
I can see networks near the edge of their physical spec falling off
a cliff, though.


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