Fwd: [GreenKeys] Need help in the Denver area

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Tue Oct 16 18:24:21 2001

Upon the date 01:10 AM 10/14/01 -0400, Jan Koller said something like:
>How do you break both rear springs? Massive overloading?
>If that's the case, watch out, the fines are stiff.
>If it's not overloaded, why won't U-Haul give you a replacement
>truck? Back it up to the other, transfer the load, get on your
>way, and let U-Haul deal with their broken equipment?
>But if you did overload it, I can understand your reluctance
>to call them.

Umm, yeah, I could say there may be reluctance at first to call based on my
take of the load. Eric stopped and stayed at our house in order to pick up
a hard-to-find Teletype Magnetic Tape Terminal destined for the NADCOMM
museum down near San Diego. I must say that there was a little room left on
the floor of the truck after we loaded the boxed-up MTT just as he was
about to leave. I'm glad it was early in the AM so I was still sleepy and
had to hop in the car for work else I'd be drooling over some nice DEC
items. More hefty early TTY gear was picked up near Chicago on its way to
the Left Coast for the museum and others. That's what we think told the
springs to let go out in Denver. Truck got fixed. He's likely at home now.
Don hasn't emailed me with any negative news again since the 7th. Not known
yet if Eric got hollered at by UHaul.

Regards, Chris
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