New aquisitions: PCjr (minus power supply) and Amstrad PC 6400

From: Michael Holley <>
Date: Tue Oct 16 20:41:43 2001

I have a copy of the PCjr Technical Reference Manual. I bought a PC-Jr for
my brother years ago and got the Reference but never used it. "L_at__at_K RARE
computer book".

On page 2-135
"The system power supply is a 33 watt, three voltage-level, two stage

Appendix D-1
  Input: 110 Vac 60Hz
  Output: Pin 1 - 17Vac, Pin 2 - GND, Pin 3 -17 Vac

I put scans of the internal Power Supply schematic and PCB here:

Download them now before AtHome goes out of businness.

Michael Holley
Received on Tue Oct 16 2001 - 20:41:43 BST

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