New aquisitions: PCjr (minus power supply) and Amstrad PC 6400

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Oct 17 11:33:05 2001

 The 1640 reminds me of the IBM 2011 with the power supply in the monitor
unit. There was an informative thread a while back on the mail list in the
spring of 1999 regarding the 1640. I have one but alas no K-B. I did win one
on e-bay but was never able to get a reply from the seller.
 I also have a PCjr and like you don't have the PSU. They come up on e-pay
occasionally but either I haven't had the money at that time or else the seller
wouldn't ship to Canada. I have managed to acquire some manuals for it,
including the IBM one, however, as well as some cartridges but they are
buried somewhere among my stuff which is still in disarray due to my move
this summer. When I run across them I'll let you know.

> Went to a new thrift store this week. Ended up with way more stuff
> than I expected to. The big items were a complete Amstrad PC 6400
> (8-bit PC clone, dual half-height floppies, 3 ISA slots, proprietary
> monitor that powers the base through a monster DIN connector,
> proprietary keyboard with 9-pin joystick connector) and a nearly complete
> PCjr w/128K and parallel port sidecars (got non-chicklet keyboard w/cable
> and CPU, but no PSU). How much should a PCjr PSU run me? What cartridges
> were there for it? The company I used to write kids games for (Software
> Productions - makers of "Alphabet Beasts and Company, Micro Mother Goose,
> Micro Habitats, etc.) did support it, but I was the C-64 dude, not the
> PeeCee dude. (ob digression: when the company closed, we _did_ hold the
> door open with the PCjr - it really was a doorstop ;-)
> The scary part is that the Amstrad was about triple the cost of the Peanut
> (~$6 (after markdown from $11) vs ~$2). I guess size does matter.
> So far in my digging, I've found that the Amstrad PC 6400 is the
> American name for the Amstrad PC 1640, and I found a good Amstrad
> resource at
> Any other good tips?
> -ethan
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